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The Malloy Family : Ocean City Beach Vacation

Ocean City Beach Family Vacation

Last summer, I had an absolute blast photographing my fun-in-the-sun summer vacation with my wife, Kate and our beautiful family on Sunset Island in Ocean City, MD.  Along for the ride were our two children, John Michael and Lydia and my parents, John Sr. and Robin Malloy.

We had such an amazing time on the beach and out on the boat, enjoying the summer breeze and taking some wonderful shots!

Family Vacation Photos on Sunset Island in Ocean City

My father has loved going to the beach ever since he was a kid.  So, throughout my childhood, every summer included a beach vacation.  For the past several years, we’ve chosen Sunset Island in Ocean City, MD as our special summer getaway.

In this family, we’re all about that beach life.  Our two young children were practically making sand castles before they could walk!  So, when it came time for another summer family vacation, I couldn’t wait to break the camera out and take some family photos!  We’re a super tight-knit bunch. We share a deep family connection and I always jump at the chance to capture that connection on camera.

The day started when we decided it was high time the kids got their sea legs.  John Michael loves to fish, so it was only natural we rent a fishing boat to cast some lines over the side.  

Understandably, the kids were a little bit nervous.  The first time out on open water can be a little scary.  But soon, they switched gears and couldn’t get enough! John Michael and Lydia were able to fish with their grandpa while Kate and my mom relaxed and soaked in the sun on the bow.

Eventually, after the kids had had enough fishing for the day, we all headed to the beach on Sunset Island.  And what a time we had! Of course, you can’t name your island “Sunset Island” and not be able to back it up with an amazing sunset.  Well, let me just say, Sunset Island always delivers on their promise! One of our favorite things to do is go out to the beach at sunset and let the kids play in the waves.  I was able to snag some fantastic shots of John Michael and Lydia splashing around as the waves crashed onto the shore. Kate and I even got in on the fun!

In this crazy, business-minded world, sometimes we all just need a break.  We need a place to get away with the family, leave the screens and cell phones at home and just relax.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time out on the water, breathing in the ocean air with my family. We took some amazing pictures that I think really captured the fun we all were having as a family. 

I’m so blessed to be able to take my family out on these summer beach family vacations.  We always have an amazing time and I’m glad we get to create these beautiful memories for our kids.  Here’s to many more summers to come, with many more beaches to explore!

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We had such an amazing time on the beach and out on the boat, enjoying the summer breeze and taking some wonderful shots!

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