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Night Time Wedding Photography

After-Dark Wedding Photography John Malloy Photography

As a wedding photographer, I’m a big fan of after-dark wedding photography.  I love giving couples the opportunity to take a few romantic, and sometimes dramatic, shots right after the sun goes down.  For every wedding I shoot, I try to pull the bride and groom away, just for a second, to snag a few beautiful, nighttime photos, and I’m so glad I do.  They always turn out great!  

Nighttime Wedding Photos | John Malloy Photography

Nighttime can be a great time to pull the bride and groom away for a few impromptu wedding photos.  After the sun has gone down and while the guests are all dancing and having a good time, I like to take my couples outside to a beautiful location at the venue for a few after-dark photos.  

I’ll typically set up a backlight for romantic and dramatic effect and then step back, giving the bride and groom time to reflect on the whole day they just had.  My aim is to capture them soaking in the moment of being married and alone together after what can sometimes feel like a crazy day.

Before I even photographed my first wedding in 2013, I fell in love with these lighting techniques.  I’ve been using them from the very beginning and they’ve served me quite well. Some of my most favorite images to give my clients are these photos shot at night.

Some highlights of these after-dark photos include an amazing couple I photographed in Baltimore.  I did both their engagement photos and their wedding photos, and it was a real treat to spend so much time with them.  The engagement shot with them standing on the dock in front of the Baltimore city skyline came out beautifully. And then, the absolutely magical shot I got of them standing in their multi-leveled wedding venue with the lights turned down is probably one of my favorite shots of the series.  

The best thing about shooting wedding photos at night is that they work in ANY season.  There was a winter wedding I photographed here in PA, and the couple agreed to brave the cold to capture of few gorgeous nighttime images.  I loved the shot of them standing between the trees, snow scattered on the ground while they embraced each other. It was so sweet!

There is just so much you can do with great lighting, including at night!  I love getting these shots because they always come out beautiful and add a romantic touch to any wedding day.  Let’s talk about your next wedding and how we can include after-dark wedding photography into the mix of your wedding day!

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