The Beauty of Light and Airy Wedding Images

August 16, 2019

Light And Airy Wedding Photos John Malloy Photography

No matter what venue I’m taking wedding photos at, I love taking light and airy photos. They can be so beautiful and timeless for any wedding! When I say light and airy, I mean light, joyful photos. Photos so full of love and delight that you can’t help but snap more shots of them! Here are 4 reasons why light and airy wedding photos are so amazing!

Light & Airy Wedding Photos

1. Images That Show Joy

Weddings are happy, joyous occasions! So what better way to show that magic and joy than with glowing and bright wedding images? One of my favorite things when shooting a wedding is to shoot bright images that show the joy of the wedding day and everyone’s emotions that come along with it.

Light And Airy Wedding Photos John Malloy Photography

2. Pastel Greens

Making the greens really POP with a sort of minty freshness gives a gorgeous light vibe to the photos. It allows for each subject to be the focus of each image, with the beautiful, natural scenery around them taking on a pastel theme.

Light And Airy Wedding Photos John Malloy Photography

3. Soft Lights & Radiant Glows

Faces tend to shine with such beauty when you add soft light and lift the shadows around them. Clients will end up giving off a radiant glow when adding a touch of soft light, and I love the effect it brings to my clients!

Light And Airy Wedding Photos John Malloy Photography

4. That Vintage Look

Sometimes, light and airy photos have a way of imitating old film. I love getting that vintage look in some of my shots. It’s so timeless, and can make any photo scene shine its brightest!

Light And Airy Wedding Photos John Malloy Photography

Switching It Up | John Malloy Photography

I have been shooting weddings and loving every second of it for the past six years! Last year I switched to a more light and airy look with my photos and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My clients love the results as well!

If you have a sort of light and airy vision of how you’d like your wedding photos to turn out for your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I love shooting weddings with this approach, it reminds me of why I got into wedding photography in the first place. It was for the love of seeing people with so much joy on their faces. And I must admit, it’s been a true joy for me as well.

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