Tips for Your Engagement Session

September 11, 2019

Engagement Photo Tips John Malloy Photography

I love photographing engagement sessions. In fact, I encourage all my wedding photography clients to have an engagement session ahead of the wedding. Engagement sessions are a special time to document your love and emotions as they are before you get married. Not only that, but an engagement session can help couples to feel more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

Engagement Session Tips

Personally, I love photographing engagement sessions. It gives me a chance to spend time with my clients before the wedding. It helps me get to know them, their style, and how they connect as a couple. I also love being able to get images of a couple in love before the wedding. A wedding is a big, beautiful celebration of love. And in sharp contrast, an engagement session is intimate and private. They can be very romantic. I’ve found that some of my clients have gone years since their last professional photography session. So, the engagement session is a wonderful way to get used to having professional photos taken. It gives the couple a chance to relax, take a breath, and just be in love.

Here are a few more tips on how to prepare for your engagement session:

What to Wear:

Probably the most frequently asked question that I get from my engagement photography clients is, “what should I wear?” Most important thing is to wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in! The colors should work together, but do not need to match perfectly. For ladies, a light-colored spring dress works nicely, and for guys, jeans and a button-down shirt is great. If you would like to bring two outfits, one dressy outfit and one casual outfit with jeans makes a nice blend.

How to Pose:

Most of my clients have never posed before and that is totally okay! I take great care in arranging my clients together in relaxed way, letting us get a variety of classic and candid images. In the images below, there are a few basic arrangements such as facing each other, stacked back to chest, and her on the side of his arm. Using a few of these base poses, we can build on to create a variety of images that look wonderful and also capture the love you share!

Just Relax!

The best thing to do is just come to your engagement session prepared to have a fun time and enjoy your relationship! Most of my couples tell me they are nervous about taking pictures at first, but then after about ten minutes, they begin to open up and have a great time. The real key to beautiful images is being yourselves and having fun, which allows me to document your memories for years to enjoy!

Please enjoy these images from recent Pennsylvania engagement sessions!

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