Capturing The Perfect Moment in Wedding Photography

September 18, 2019

Capturing Wedding Moments John Malloy Photography

One of the things I love most about photographing weddings is capturing moments in a very beautiful way. When you think about the timeline of a wedding day, there are so many moments that weave together to make the fabric of the wedding day. From the very first moments in the morning, when the bride and groom are getting ready to the very last images of the day, I consider it both a pleasure and a privilege to photograph all these moments to preserve them for years to come. Years ago, when I was buying my first zoom lens, I was so excited about being able to capture the moments that go completely unnoticed. Those moments might not have been noticed, but each one was appreciated and meaningful later. I have loved these years spent documenting relationships, reactions and emotions for my couples to save and treasure.

Wedding Day Moments, Big and Small

As a wedding day begins, I love the anticipation. There’s anticipation between the bride and groom as they prepare for the day. When brides and grooms exchange hand-written letters before the ceremony, there are such sweet reactions to these words. I love those quiet contemplative moments early in the day as excitement builds. A bride’s best friend seeing her in her wedding dress, the embraces shared between a bride and her parents… these tender moments are so special. You might not know how beautiful those emotions are, but I am so pleased when I can be there to preserve them.

First looks are filled with their own emotionally charged moments. There are tenuous moments of jittery, nervous anxiety as the bride and groom prepare for a first look. I love the joy and excitement when they lock eyes for the first time. Sometimes there’s tender, sweet romance but other times there’s enthusiasm and excitement as the reality of the day sets in.

Later, the moment when an entire congregation stands and looks, eagerly anticipating the bride’s grand entrance. With a swell in the music, there’s this tangible moment of quiet expectation before she makes her very first appearance. The excitement when the couple is announced to the reception, as a married couple for the very first time. I love the dances, when the world falls away and two hearts in love just enjoy those first moments of wedded happiness.

For me, getting married was surreal. So many people who loved me, and were important in my life were there, gathered together to support me. I was so overwhelmed and appreciative for that. Now, I can document those moments for my couples in ways they will remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives.

I am thankful to each and every couple who invites me to document their love story. Each precious moment of wedding happiness is important to me. Even all these years later, I still love being able to capture love stories. My job as a wedding photographer is to capture all of these moments, big and small, and it brings me such happiness to be able to do so. It’s why I love what I do. Please enjoy these collected wedding moments from Pennsylvania weddings I’ve photographed.

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