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Ashley + Sean | Engaged

An Overlook Park Engagement Session | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

One of the things I like to ask my couples is what they love most about each other. Ashley and Sean’s answers are some of my favorite ever. *Warning* You will get goosebumps while reading this.  Sean’s answer to my question: “What I love most about Ashley is her love for other people, especially her family and friends. I love her hard work, determination, and drive to be the best person she can be. I love that she doesn’t let her deafness define her and knows that she can overcome anything. Lastly, I love that she’s my best friend who I can joke with, care for, and love more than anything.” Isn’t that so sweet?  Ashley’s answer is also beautiful:  “What I love most about Sean is his heart. He cares very deeply for me, for his family, and for his friends. Sean has worked very hard to be the person that he is today, and I’m SO proud of him and of everything he has accomplished. Along with his heart of gold, is his sense of humor. As Sean said, he loves to joke around with me, and we spend a lot of our time together laughing. I love that I get to be one of the people in his inner circle, that he opens up and shows his true self to.”  The part about Ashley being happy that she “gets” to be part of his inner circle is the true evidence of a selfless love. When we see love this way, as a gift to us, we can enjoy it so much more. I love that. 

They both grew up in Lancaster County but didn’t meet until they attended Eastern University. They were both on the college soccer teams and after 2 years, they began to get to know each other better. When Sean finally realized he was interested in Ashley, he had no idea that she already had a crush on him. Ashley’s first impression of Sean was that he was shy, quiet and a bit mysterious. Besides his great skill on the soccer field, she also found him tall, handsome and super interesting. As they spent more time together, his love for soccer and family made her want to get to know him even more. Sean’s first impression of Ashley was how pretty and nice she was. While she kept to herself sometimes, she also really enjoyed being with her friends and he liked that easy balance.  Her deafness and cochlear implant interested him, and the way she handled it really impressed him. The fact that she also loved soccer made it a done deal and he knew he had to date her. 

After a trip to Spain with Ashley’s family, Sean got up the nerve to ask her dad if he could marry his daughter.  With “Dad’s” approval, Sean got the help of his parents and grandmother (so sweet) to pick out the perfect ring for Ashley.  Staging the surprise engagement as a hike seems like it would be a surprise, but after Sean told Ashley to keep on her church clothes and straighten her hair, she was onto him. Still not being completely sure, Ashley went along with the plan. On the hike at Pinnacle Park in York, Pa, Sean’s heart was pounding so hard, Ashley could feel it. Right at the river overlook, he asked her to marry him. Her answer… “Are you serious?” Followed quickly by “YES!”  A friend of Sean’s had been waiting for them, and got some beautiful photos of the actual engagement.  Afterward, they went back to Sean’s house where his entire family, along with Ashley’s parents and grandparents, waited to congratulate them. Her best friend, who was supposed to be out of town, also came. Needless to say, Ashley was overcome with emotion over all of it. She says it was such a romantic day. Because Sean is so family oriented, it was important to him that they celebrate with their families together. Ashley said she would not change a single detail…it was mind blowing, sweet and thoughtful.

Both of them cannot wait to celebrate their love for one another with their friends and families this summer. They chose Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens for their wedding venue. It perfectly fits their personalities and style. On their first visit there, the staff was so amazing, accommodating and genuinely kind that they knew this is where they would begin their life journey together as husband and wife. Ashley and Sean, I cannot wait to capture your special day! 

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  1. Karen Hills says:

    I’m so excited to see my nephew marry his best friend and welcome Ashley to the family!!!

    Aunt Karen

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