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Kylie + Michael | Married

A Classic Church Wedding | Calvary Bible Church | Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

It was all she had dreamed it would be.  Even though she had worked in the wedding photography business and seen the best of the best, Kylie didn’t really want the elegant venue, designer dress or gourmet dinner. All she really wanted was Michael… and to be surrounded by the people she loved most. And that’s what she got. Beautiful simplicity. I’m so thankful I could be part of her day.

It’s a little surreal to even look at Kylie’s photos and remember her as a teenager in our church. When I first met her, she was probably about 14 years old. I got to know her better years later, when she worked for me while she was in college. As we worked together, I got to see her fun, yet professional side, and am so thankful for how she helped my business in many ways. 

Michael came to our church as a college student, and got involved right away as he was studying at Lancaster Bible College to be in ministry. We played on the same Ultimate Frisbee team and he became one of my friends and someone I admired for his dedication to his studies. His love for God and His church was so obvious and he got involved right away. That involvement is what led him to his first encounter with Kylie. 

It was over a dirty pan in the church’s kitchen sink that Kylie and Michael had their first deep one on one conversation. They said it took 30 minutes to clean one pan…(Really? Can a pan seriously be that dirty?😉)  Through the years, they became close friends through their shared love of frisbee, the college ministry Michael led and serving along side of each other at various church activities. When the time came for Michael to move to Kentucky for seminary, and for Kylie to move to Washington DC, they stayed in contact with once a month phone calls. Kylie thought it was completely platonic and enjoyed chatting, debating and laughing with her friend. Michael hoped it would move past friendship. One day he asked her to consider that. She thought and prayed about it for two whole weeks…then finally agreed.  After many flights between Kentucky and DC, Michael asked Kylie to marry him on a rooftop overlooking the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. She happily said yes!

Kylie loves Michael’s ambition. He isn’t driven for his own sake, but for Christ’s. When she’s sad or uncertain, he’s kind and compassionate, encouraging her to pursue holiness by his own example. The thing that makes her laugh the most is his propensity to be a “drama queen”. He can say the funniest thing with the gravest conviction. She’s so thankful to be able to “push his buttons” for the rest of her life.  Michael loves that Kylie is a highly organized publicist, yet she can enjoy the simple things in life. She delights in the mundane, and doesn’t get bogged down by over planning. On the outside, Kylie is a goofball, yet she’s thoughtful and sober minded within. Her desire to follow Christ and how she entrusts herself to Him in following Michael is life’s greatest honor to him…one he will not take lightly, and strive to live up to as long as they live.

Their wedding day was a chilly January day, but the chill in the air didn’t stop the warmth in their hearts.  After getting ready at the church, Kylie had a first look with her father. It was such a special and tender moment. As her dad told her how much he loved her, how proud he was of her and how incredibly beautiful she was, Kylie was overwhelmed with happiness. To have her father’s blessing meant so much.  After their emotional moment together, Kylie and Michael had their first look. It was truly a moment of sheer happiness. To have a few minutes to hold each other and marvel at each other in their wedding finery, was so special. You can see in the photos the look of pure joy on each other’s faces as they thought of the blessing of spending the rest of their lives together.  The ceremony was so special, surrounded by their closest friends and family, as they promised to love one another forever.  At the final prayer, tears streamed down their faces because they were so happy to be Mr. and Mrs. Carlino.

One of the things I love about my church, is that the people really know how to have a good time. At the reception, everyone was ready to celebrate! Kylie and Michael loved dancing with their friends all night. There was the usual romantic first dance, followed by a sentimental father/daughter and mother/son dance. And then there was Chipotle! I’ve never had Chipotle at a wedding before, but I have to say, it was fantastic! The whole day was super laid back, fun and full of the fresh love of a young couple truly happy to be together. I’m so blessed to have been part of their amazing day, and even more blessed to be named among their friends. Congratulations Kylie and Michael. May God bless you with many years of happiness!

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