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Shaniece + Andrew | Engaged

An Overlook Park Engagement Session | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Panera has always been one of my favorite places to go get a quick healthy meal. Their coffee and baked goods are so delicious! It’s a great place for casual dates and is probably one of Shaniece and Andrew’s favorite places on earth. It’s where they met, had their first date and eventually met the night they got engaged! 

It was their junior year at Penn State University, and a group of friends was meeting at Panera for a reprieve from final exams. Andrew and Shaniece met that week and hit it off right away. Andrew thought she was beautiful and kind. He loved that she was so easy to talk to. Shaniece was wearing a shirt with bees printed on it, and since he finds honeybees fascinating, he was excited to talk to her about it.  Shaniece was in a relationship at the time, but still noticed that Andrew was attractive and really funny. He was so outgoing and talking to him was effortless.  It would be a year before they spoke again. 

The next year, Andrew contacted Shaniece on Facebook and they started to talk. They decided to meet at Panera to hang out and get to know each other better. A few weeks later, they had their first official date at Cafe 210 West, a popular hangout for Penn State students.  At first, it seemed like a casual get together as friends, but Shaniece mentioned that someone else had asked her on a date that day. Andrew, not wanting to miss his chance, responded with “Well, you wanna make this a date?” It was only 4 months later that Andrew asked Shaniece to be his one and only date for the rest of their lives.

On July 3rd, Andrew dropped Shaniece off for a pedicure. Promising to be back in an hour, he left her to relax and enjoy some pampering. When she came out, her brother and his girlfriend surprised her by coming into town and met her outside the the nail salon. Back at her apartment, she found a note that told her to go to the first place they ever met and to look “bee-tiful”. She put her “Bee” shirt on that she wore the first time they met, and they headed to…Panera! Outside of Panera, Andrew waited with flowers and was all dressed up. He asked if Shaniece wanted to walk around the Arboretum. The gardens are beautiful in July and it was the perfect place for a romantic proposal. Beside her favorite fountain, he got down on one knee and asked Shaniece to be his forever date. Thankfully, Shaniece’s brother and her girlfriend were also there, taking photos. Andrew was so happy she said yes, and told everyone that passed by that they were engaged!

I always love asking my couples what they love about each other most. Andrew answered this question straight to Shaniece. “I love how much you care about me. I love how hard-working you are. When you get motivated to do something, you don’t stop until it’s completed and it shows how determined you are. I like how loving you are. You’re outspoken and have a lot of energy. You’re jolly all year round. I feel like I can tell you anything, you’re my best friend.” 

Shaniece says that Andrew is one of a kind. He’s hilarious and makes her laugh even when she doesn’t feel like it. He’s always finding ways to help her, and supports her completely. He believes in her, even when she has a hard time believing in herself. He treats everyone they meet with kindness and wears his heart on his sleeve. She can’t wait to be his wife.

Andrew and Shaniece picked Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens as their wedding venue. They love the spacious outdoor gardens and lawns, and the rustic barns are gorgeous. It’s also a great central location for family and friends to travel to. Like everyone says, Shaniece agrees that the staff at Stoltzfus is so friendly and welcoming. The new Bridal Lounge gives her princess vibes and she can’t wait to get ready there!  Add to that the Tobacco Barn, where they’ll have their ceremony! It’s just the kind of place she has always dreamed of walking down the aisle on her wedding day. They’re both so excited about getting married and I’m honored to capture their special day!

Congratulations on your engagement, Shaniece and Andrew! See you in August!!

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