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Miranda + James | Engaged

A Lancaster County Engagement Session

Since the day Miranda and James met, it has been an exciting ride. I loved reading the answers to the questions I asked Miranda…you can definitely tell they have a lively and devoted relationship! Our engagement session was awesome! We got some incredible photos, and laughed along the way. I’m looking forward to capturing this amazing couple’s wedding next year at Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens!

Tell me how you first met.

James and I met through mutual friends! James worked with a woman named Tracey, and then a few years later (at a different job), he worked with a guy named Brandon. He realized that Brandon had married Tracey, his old co-worker. A short time after that, Tracey and I met at our job and became friends. Tracey and Brandon had us both over for dinner and there were so many connections that we knew we all were meant to be friends! Not long after that, James and I began dating and knew we had something special.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Miranda: My first impression of James was probably a little different than what most people would say, haha! James knows…I thought he was cute, but a little too old for me. After being in relationships for years, I wasn’t quite ready to date again. I remember my mom saying, “Just give him a chance, Miranda! Give him a chance!”  I did give him a chance, and once I got to know him, I realized that his age didn’t matter! I discovered what a sweet, kind, and caring person James was and still is! 

James: When I first saw Miranda, I thought “Wow, I have no chance to date this girl, let alone marry her!” Miranda is such a beautiful and kind person, someone that I thought was way out of my league. I slowly was able to convince her that my intentions were pure, and I wanted to show her that not every guy is the same. I am so glad she gave me a chance to show her! 

Tell me about your first date.

Our first date was interesting to say the least! James came to pick me up at my parent’s house and take me to dinner at Chili’s. I was walking out to meet him and he was standing there with beautiful roses for me. My face went from smiling to sheer panic when I pointed to his car rolling up onto the curb! James threw the roses on the hood and jumped into the moving car. He had been so nervous that he forgot to put the car in park! Then, he accidentally put the car in reverse and hit the neighbor’s mailbox!  Luckily, there was no damage. James was beyond mortified, and was so nervous on the drive to dinner.  Despite all of that, we still had a nice time!  We couldn’t stop laughing and to this day, we still laugh about it.

What do you love most about each other?

Miranda: I love many things about James but a few are that I love that he has the biggest heart in the world. He loves doing good deeds, and helping people. He would give anyone the shirt off his back. James can light up a room of people he doesn’t even know and get everyone in the room to laugh. I love that he treats me like a princess every day. He supports me in every way he can and always has my back. He is honestly my best friend. Lastly, I love that he is an excellent cook (both a blessing and a curse!) 

James: I love Miranda because she brings out the best in me, things that I had no idea I was capable of or had it in me. There is nothing that I can’t tell her…she’s my best friend and she makes me a better man. I feel like our love for each other grows everyday. I am so excited for our future together, and to watch our family grow. I know it will only make me love her more. 

Let’s hear about the proposal!

James proposed to me by doing a scavenger hunt! I was having a leisurely day at home when James texted me and asked if I could get a package that was at my door. I reluctantly got off the couch in my pjs to find a little gift bag with rose petals and a clue inside, as well as a card. The card explained how much he loves me and that I was going to have a great day. He put money in the card and told me he’d made me an appointment to get my nails done. When I arrived at the nail salon, my sister was also there and she gave me another clue. The clue led me to my parent’s house. My immediate family was there, and there was an engagement ring piñata. I had to smash the Piñata to get my next clue. The piñata was full of sparkles, confetti, and ring pops! The next clue lead me to his sister’s house. When I arrived, I was greeted by his niece and her boyfriend where they had another clue. They hopped in the car and directed me to the next place. This place was the final one. We got to a local park with a lake. James was there waiting for me, holding my favorite flower. He told me how much he loved me, and then asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes! It was such a great day, and I loved that he included our families because they both mean so much to us!

So, you chose Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens as your wedding venue? Tell me what you love about it!

We chose the Homestead for many reasons! A coworker and his wife got married there and when I saw their pictures, I knew it was my style! I wanted a romantic, chic, farmhouse vibe and the Homestead checked all of our boxes! We love how sweet Dawn and her husband, Brian are. It is absolutely beautiful! It’s obvious they take such good care of the space! We love the layout, and love that our family and friends can spread out and have a great time. It’s awesome to know that the barns have a rich history as well! Stoltzfus has amazing options for props, décor, and rentals! For example, the “Little Scotty Vintage Photo Booth” is so cute! We can’t wait for our family and friends to see everything! 

Thank you, Miranda and Scott for such a fun engagement session! It was a pleasure to spend time with you both and I can’t wait until your wedding next fall!

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