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Kate + Scott | Engaged

A Lancaster County Engagement Session | Overlook Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Scott laid eyes on Kate for the first time in 2011 at the restaurant, Lucy’s Hat Shop in Philadelphia.  He was there with friends, and Kate was out celebrating her friend, Debbie’s birthday (who will be one of her bridesmaids).  When Scott saw Kate from across the room, he said “She’s so beautiful.”  Kate heard him, and smiled, but walked away.  Later, Scott charmed his way into getting Kate’s phone number, but they didn’t see each other again in person for another six years.  Along the way, they’d see each other post on Facebook and always thought the other was cute and interesting.  In 2017, Kate was at Temple for law school, and Scott was working for Temple Athletics.  “When we realized we were so close to one another, we decided to finally go on a date.  We had the best time, and continued hanging out.  From then on, we realized one of our favorite things about one another is that when we’re together, everything is better.”  Kate loves Scott’s positivity, his smile, his energy and the way he’s so kind to everyone he meets.  Scott loves how Kate lifts up and encourages others, is so passionate about the people and things she loves and cares about, and is so incredibly cute. She also makes him laugh 24/7.  They make a great team and consider each other best friends. 

One of their earliest dates (and where they say they fell in love!) was when they went on a walk around the outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and were checking out the statues.  While they were there, they saw a couple getting married outside at the WaterWorks.  They “crashed” the wedding by watching with a group of other “crashers.”  A little less than three years later (February 15th 2020), Scott got down on one knee at that same spot (by the outdoor statues) and asked Kate to marry him!  Of course, she said yes!!

They’ll be getting married this month at the Double Tree Resort in the Willow Valley Chapel, with their reception in the Palm Court. 

They’re so excited about the plans they have for their wedding day! “We want our guests to have the feeling that they’re escaping from the rest of the world on a little weekend getaway.  The wedding will require our guests to ‘flow‘ from different locations, enjoying the bright bold colors, reminiscent of the 1970’s.Throughout the day, we’ll be playing lots of classic oldies and love songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  We want the feel to be fun, light and romantic.”  There’s a lot more that I could tell you about their amazing plans, but you’ll have to wait and see when we blog about their wedding this fall!

I’m so excited to capture the memories of your special day, Kate and Scott! See you next month!

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