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Monica + Brian | Engaged

A Lancaster County Engagement Session

When the weather was warm and the days were long, Monica, Brian and I had an incredible engagement shoot in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I love taking photographs outside in the summer. Golden hour is beautiful and everyone feels relaxed and happy. Monica and Brian were naturals in front of the camera and I can’t wait until their wedding this September! 

Here are some things I found out about the two of them…

Where did you guys meet?

Brian and I met after college, at a Rutgers University football tailgate. We’re both Rutgers Alumni. (Brian’s family all went to Rutgers as well.) Brian’s sister and I were sorority sisters in college so that’s how I ended up at his family tailgate. We haven’t missed one Rutgers home game since meeting in 2017 and yes…we had to pick a wedding date that was not on a Rutgers home game day!

What were your first impressions of each other? 

Brian and I are both very competitive so I was instantly intrigued after he invited me to play tailgate games with him and challenged me. We both love good competitive fun! The day we met, we made a bet that if I lost our game, Brian got to take me on a date……you can guess how that ended for me! I loved how sweet and fun he was! He’s always up for anything, and we both love adventure and staying busy.

Tell me about your first date.

Our first date was a surprise for me. Brian took me to TopGolf which was SO fun! I was so happy to go on a date that involved doing an activity and not a boring dinner date. We played games all night, talked, had good food, and of course, made more bets. Brian didn’t tell me he played a lot of golf until the end of the date!

What about the proposal?

Brian proposed on a trip to South Carolina. We often travel to Brian’s family’s vacation house in Hilton Head Island and went after Thanksgiving with friends. On the last full day of our trip, we had made plans to take a day trip to Daufuskie Island. You can only travel to this island by boat. There are no paved roads, and only about 500 residents. It’s so beautiful and remote! You get around the island by golf cart and are pretty much free to explore. Brian seemed to know where he was going and started driving our golf cart. Next thing I know, we pull up to a farm and two horses are tied up waiting for us. (I grew up with a horse and have been riding my whole life so this was perfect for me.) Brian said he wanted to surprise me by taking me horseback riding on the beach. Once we had ridden down to the beach, we got off the horses to take some photos. Brian proposed right there on the beach while our friends were hiding in the dunes taking photos. It was amazing! We had the whole beach to ourselves on a perfect sunny day and Hilton Head Island was the view behind us. He had the whole thing planned out with the farm, and the horses really made it even more special for me 🙂

What do you love most about each other?

I love that Brian is always up for the next adventure with me. He loves to travel and stay busy as much as I do. We are rarely ever home on the weekends. We love to take day trips, play soccer together, go to the boardwalk, play games, go camping, and do anything that is active and fun! He’s the best adventure partner and life together with him is the best adventure I could ever go on! Brian says “You are my person and best friend. You are the most kind, thoughtful, and caring person this side of the Milky Way.” 

What venue did you choose and why?

We picked Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens as our venue and it’s the first and only venue we toured. I never wanted a traditional ballroom venue or a Cinderella type wedding. Brian and I like to have a good time and didn’t want anything too formal or stuffy. Lawn games, s’mores over the fire, and a big open barn sound just like the kind of people we are and that’s the experience I want our guests to have…good, easy, fun! Growing up with horses and having a lot of animals, I really wanted a barn setting and Stoltzfus is the perfect venue for that. It perfectly exudes who we are, what our relationship is like, and I couldn’t imagine anything different!

I’m also excited to capture the memories of their wedding day. Congratulations on your engagement, Monica and Brian! See you in September!

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