I believe that images should have beautiful, dreamy light, natural moments, and incorporate all the creativity you have been given, displaying the love and emotions of those in front of your camera.

eyes as husband and wife for the first time. I believe your images should capture the essence of you celebrating with your family and friends as they give their love and support to you on one of the happiest days of your life.

Your wedding images should take you back to how you felt on your wedding day. Every moment from your anticipation before the ceremony, the excitement of walking down the aisle, your joy and sadness of your dad hugging and giving you away, the elation of being married and looking into each others

My Passion

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Meet John

Hi there! I have always loved working with people, first as a school teacher and now as a professional wedding photographer! I have been photographing weddings since 2013 and I love the excitement and emotions of every wedding! It is an honor to come into people's lives and be there for such an amazing day in their life, one that I am truly thankful for.

My photography style is built upon the relationships I have with my clients and finding the beauty in everything around me. My favorite moments of the wedding day are by far the first dances and end of the night backlit images! During the father daughter dance, I almost always start counting down the years I have left my Lydia girl, even though she is only 6!

My wife Kate and I live in scenic Pennsylvania with our two children, John Michael and Lydia, which is a wonderful place to live. We enjoy all kinds of activities, some of our favorites are ice skating, playing pretty much any sport or game, and going to crazy water parks. My greatest inspiration in life is loving people with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Meet The Artist

Creator, Artist, Photographer, Lover of Light and Moments

John Malloy

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My beautiful and sweet wife Kate is a source of joy and love in my life. We have been through the ups and downs together and look forward to more wonderful moments.

My Wife Kate

John Michael

My son John Michael has boundless energy and passion for life. I especially love playing wild games with him and teaching him about life.


My sweet Lydia girl has always been my little princess. We love to read books, dance, and go to wild water parks when we have the chance!


My heart warms when seeing love like this and even more to capture it with my camera every week.


I love the opportunity to serve others like we did here in Mexico. My good friend Adolfo is deaf but is one of the happiest people I know.


My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the basis for my service to others and love of life. 

Things that inspire me

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