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One of the things I like to ask my couples is what they love most about each other. Ashley and Sean’s answers are some of my favorite ever. *Warning* You will get goosebumps while reading this. Sean’s answer to my question: “What I love most about Ashley is her love for other people, especially her family and friends. I love her hard work, determination, and drive to be the best person she can be. I love that she doesn’t let her deafness define her and knows that she can overcome anything. Lastly, I love that she’s my best friend who I can joke with, care for, and love more than anything.” Isn’t that so sweet? Ashley’s answer is also beautiful: “What I love most about Sean is his heart. He cares very deeply for me, for his family, and for his friends. Sean has worked very hard to be the person that he is today, and I’m SO proud of him and of everything he has accomplished. Along with his heart of gold, is his sense of humor. As Sean said, he loves to joke around with me, and we spend a lot of our time together laughing. I love that I get to be one of the people in his inner circle, that he opens up and shows his true self to.” The part about Ashley being happy that she “gets” to be part of his inner circle is the true evidence of a selfless love. When we see love this way, as a gift to us, we can enjoy it so much more. I love that.

Ashley + Sean | Engaged




I am thankful to each and every couple who invites me to document their love story. Each precious moment of wedding happiness is important to me. 

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Capturing the Perfect Moment

We had such an amazing time on the beach and out on the boat, enjoying the summer breeze and taking some wonderful shots!

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Beach Vacation 

Anne first saw Brandon when she was 8 years old. His mother was one of the owners of the dance studio where she was a student. 


Anne & Brandon


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